Resources & Support Information


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Support Information

Below are some links to free, online support information and resources that you may find helpful*.
You may also find additional support options, including services which deliver in-person support in your locality, by using a search engine and entering search terms such as ‘support for trauma and abuse in [your area]’. If you would like assistance with this, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you find a local service.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are in immediate danger or if you need urgent help, call the emergency services in your local area or go to your nearest hospital or medical practitioner. If you can’t do this by yourself, ask someone you trust to help you.

Directories and collections of resources and information

Chayn – Supporting survivors of abuse across borders – varied resources for support from trauma and abuse
Life Continues After – a communal space for survivors of sexual trauma to share the words, sounds & sights that have helped them
Resources for Black Healing – a compilation of resources for people within the Black community

Self-care resources

Finding OK – an intersectional healing podcast for survivors of sexual assault and any/all abuse
Grounding’ techniques– practices to help you manage flashbacks, unwanted memories and negative or challenging emotions.
My little book of coping method– by The Peach Diaries with Roisin Ross
Resource on the go podcast – from the National Sexual Violence Resource Centre (USA) – insights on responding and preventing sexual assault from different practice experts
Side by Side – Mind’s peer-support online community
The good friend guide ( English,Español,Português ) – practical guide and simple advice on how to support someone in a relationship with an abusive person.
Survivor Self-Care from blue knot – empowering recovery from complex trauma
Trauma is feeling unsafe – podcast about some of the things to focus on for survivors at the start of their recovery journey
Wellbeing Plan Wellbeing Plan from Inside Out
*Please note FemIDEAS does not endorse any particular webpage or digital service listed here. The fast-paced nature of digital services and support mean that online support options are continually growing and changing.