North-South Feminist Dialogue

The North-South Feminist Dialogue series was started by Dr Adrija Dey in 2020 with the aim of creating a decolonial, intersectional, feminist, and safer space where survivors, academics, activists, and organisers working in the area of SGBV in Universities could come together across borders to learn, support each other, and show solidarity. The need for the series emerged from her research and activism, which showed that much of the research on issues of SGBV predominantly focuses on the global North with little to no knowledge exchange between the global North and South. The radical and innovative research and activism happening in the global South remain invisible in global conversations on these issues. Indeed, some of the emerging issues being discussed in the global North HE have already been discussed or addressed within the academic and activist communities in the South. So, in this series, we aim to disrupt colonial legacies of knowledge production and center the voices of survivors and those who are pushed to the margins of our society.

Silencing Sexual and Gender-based Violence Misconduct in Academia and Politics of Naming: 5 & 11 March 2024

Report coming soon.

Online Sexual Harassment in Higher Education (HE): 29 April, 2022

This handbook is a result of a one-day workshop on online sexual harassment in Universities. Along with sharing experiences and strategies, we collectively formulated a list of demands to address online sexual harassment that we can take to our institutions to urge transformation or even our organising spaces for further reflection. These demands and reflections for change (see pg. 10) are by no means comprehensive and we see this as a live document that others can add to.

Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Higher Education-Report: Lessons from Indian and UK: 29-31st July 2020

This report is a result of a 3-day workshop that brought together academics, feminist activists and survivors working in the area of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Higher Education (HE) from India and UK. The videos of the event can be watched here.

The video of the report launch event which was a conversation between Dr Anna Bull and Prof. Mary E. John (Centre for Women’s Development Studies, Delhi) can be found below.